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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Uthak Baithak

Murga Punishments

Murgha (also spelled murga); is a form of corporal punishment used in South Asia, (India, Pakistan) primarily in educational institutions, and by the police who use it as a punishment for petty crimes and eve teasing (sexual harassment), usually administered in public-view
Murgha means Rooster (literally "male adult chicken") in Urdu and Hindi. This is a punishment in which the punished person takes the position of a "murgha". This is done by squatting, and then bringing the arms between the legs and firmly holding the ears. It can become very painful after a few minutes, and can also be used as a position for spanking, though it is rarely used.


There are many variants of the murgha punishment. Some of them are:

Standing murgha

In the standing murgha, the person is required to position the buttocks as high as possible. This is considered a severe punishment and can become very painful after about 10 minutes.

Sitting murgha

In sitting murgha, the person is allowed to rest on his arms, i.e the buttocks can be brought down. This is milder than the standing Murgha, and can be bearable for longer durations. This punishment is given when the administrator wants to punish a person for a longer time. After sometime this leads to giddiness

Murgha parade

In murgha parade, the person has to walk while in the standing or sitting murgha position. A longer distance can be covered in the standing murgha position, but it is extremely tiring for legs, hands and back. This punishment can be made harsher by making the person parade under the sun. If done properly, it will hurt the ears also, because of irregular movements.


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